Central Coast Consulting Engineer's experience in construction projects extends into the following main building sectors as well as combinations of mixed use developments.


Covering a broad base of engineering, we cover the commercial sector by offering engineering services for new office structures, commercial glass and aluminium facades, and retail shop fronts either on the street or within shopping complexes.


Our experience includes light industrial and warehouse structures and portal frames, cranes and lifting structures through to complete manufacturing plant structures exceeding $100m in value, with multi-level machinery platforms, housing for vibrating and pounding machinery, anchorage of deflection and vibration sensitive machinery, chimney stacks and elevated tanks. Our advanced modelling simulation techniques and excellent grasp of engineering principles have saved our customers large quantities in materials by peer reviewing structures specified by global consultants.


The broad aspects of the institutional sector can be covered by Central Coast Consulting Engineers with complete structural and facade engineering of schools, libraries, hospitals, and aged care facilities, from the main structure through to the complete engineering and shop detailing of the glass and facade elements.